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Nutrition and oral health

The most important thing you can personally do to take care of your teeth is make hygiene adjustments for your diet. Researchers have posited that nutrition is the main cause of many of our modern dental problems. Archeologists have recovered ancient skulls with intact, un-decayed teeth. Now these ancient humans did not brush, floss, or visit the dentist. So what has changed? Diet.


After the agricultural revolution, carbohydrates became readily accessible. We know that simple carbohydrates allow decay and gum-disease causing bacteria in our mouths to proliferate. It is these bacteria that are the cause of many modern dental problems.


If you have a sweet tooth or like breads, grains, pasta, sodas or juices, you don’t necessarily have to change your diet. Simply drinking water, swishing with water, or brushing after consuming these simple carbohydrates can help reduce the incidence of dental disease by washing away the simple sugars from your teeth.



It’s like paying yourself $5 every night! The action of the bacteria on the food you leave under gums, causes tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Most people floss too gently. Flossing properly at first takes time and makes most people’s gums bleed. You want to take the floss as deeply as possible underneath your gums and you want to move the floss over the area under your gums several times for each tooth. Think about it this way: you are trying to brush the part of your tooth your toothbrush can’t reach with this thread (the floss).


With practice, your fingers’ dexterity will increase and you’ll be able to do it in under 2 minutes. If you floss every day for 30 days, it will become a habit and, when you don’t do it you’ll feel gross.


Now why is it like paying yourself $5? We’ve estimated that the problems that result from improper or infrequent flossing, lead to needing dental treatment that will cause thousands of dollars over your life-time. Flossing needs to be done every night. Any tiny piece of food that you leave underneath your gums will stick to the tooth surface in as little as 24 hours. Leaving food under your gums is like leaving food on the kitchen counter – it begins attracting bacteria immediately and starts to decompose – in your mouth!



Brushing your teeth and tongue reduces harmful bacteria. Brush 2 or 3 times per day (preferably after meals).


Rinse with anti-bacterial rinses

For patients with gum disease, we may recommend rinsing with an anti-bacterial rinse. These rinses work by killing the bacteria in your mouth for 1–5 hours, depending on the rinse. They will help prevent your gum disease from getting worse.


Invisalign or orthodontics

When necessary, we typically recommend Invisalign or braces, not for cosmetic reasons, but to ensure the longevity and health of your smile. The alignment of your teeth affects how long you keep your teeth and the problems you have along the way. Patients with proper occlusion (the technical term for alignment) have been shown to keep their teeth longer into life with fewer problems.


If you have problems with you alignment, correcting them will ultimately save you money by reducing the need for dental treatment. Most of our patients in Invisalign and braces are adults whose occlusion has become less than ideal over time. Parents should bring children in for an Invisalign or Orthodontic consultation with Dr. Woo as early as 7 years.



Exception cosmetic procedures, all treatment we do can be viewed as preventive. Dental problems invariably get worse with time and become more expensive to treat. Catching problems early and treating them immediately will reduce your overall expense and discomfort.


Implant dentistry

Fixed dental solutions offer significant benefits over procedures of the past. Implants compared to bridges, partials and dentures, have been shown to

last 5x longer, restore more of our natural function, and result in a healthier overall mouth. Dr. Heering completes several hundred successful implant placements each month.


Dr. Heering success rates are very high at over 99% which is 50% better than industry standard. Controlling for smoking, diabetics, and osteoporosis success rate approaches 100%.

Dentistry has changed a lot in the last 10 years. We'll change your mind about how comfortable your experience can be. Dr. Heering has been placing implants for over 24 years, consequently, most of our new patients come from patient and doctor referrals.


We regularly see all 3 generations of the same family, with many of our patients coming to us for over 20 years. We are proud of the fact that most of our new patients come from referrals by other patients and doctors who’ve been our patients for years.


Our very loyal patients travel from as far away as India, Latin America, and Canada or from as close as Florida.

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We’ll work to make your dental care as affordable as possible. To get you started, we offer a complimentary consultation.


We accept most insurance plans. If you do not see your plan in the list below, please call so we can verify for you.


In addition, some medical insurance companies cover complex dental cases.

We also do worker's compensation and accident cases. Please call us to find out more.


But don't let the lack of insurance stop you from getting the treatment you need. We offer interest free options and low monthly payments for extensive treatment. As an example, payments for Invisalign or Orthodontics are usually less than $150 per month.


Some insurance plans we work with include: Access, Aetna, Aflac, Alliance, Altus, AmeriPlan, Ameritas, Anthem, Aspen, Assurant, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Careington, Carpenters, Cigna, Comfort, DC 37, Delta Dental, Dental Benefit Providers, Dental Health Services, DentiCare, DHS, Guaranty, Guardian, Healthfirst, Healthplex, Humana, Massachusettes Mutual, Metlife, Nationwide, Pacific, Premier, Primecare, Smile Bright, United Concordia, United Health.

Insurance and financial options

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In the comfort of your home we can do a basic exam and let you know if there is anything pressing. In addition, we will arrange transport to and from the office in a 5 mile radius for more extensive treatment.

In-home visits

Our office regularly does charitable work for the underprivileged. 100% of your donations will be used to manage dental pain and discomfort for the less fortunate Moreover, you can choose how the money you donate is used:

Donating charitable services

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime. Give the gift of a beautiful, healthy smile. Most Americans do not see a dentist regularly. Give your loved ones a gift that they can truly appreciate. They’ll think of you every time they smile.


We offer gift cards for any face value and, as our gift to you, we will provide an extra 10% in dental services to whomever you give a gift card to. So, if you give them a gift certificate for $100, they will receive $110 worth of services.


Gift Cards can be used for whitening, braces, or any other service. They make a great graduation gift to help prepare them to enter the next stage of their lives or a perfect engagement gift in preparation for a perfect smile for their special day.


10% of the face value of your certificate will be donated to charitable dental services. Offered for new patients only.

Gift cards

Our process has been refined over the years of our experience to ensure that every procedure we do and recommendation we make is geared to preventing greater expense, discomfort, or oral disease in your future.

Our dental care process

Our doctors really take the time to answer all your questions. We consistently get great feedback from patients on the thoroughness of our examinations. All preventive opportunities you have and any dental treatment will be explained to you thoroughly.


You’ll receive an individualized set of recommendations designed to ensure you will keep your teeth healthy for life. Invariably, the most important part of our recommendations is what you can do at home, for very little cost, to preserve your personal health.


You can keep your teeth for life (and avoid bad breath). While any procedures we recommend will prevent you from needing more extensive and expensive treatment in the future, performing regular maintenance on your teeth and oral cavity, will help you avoid the most common dental problems and may save you tens of thousands over a lifetime.


In fact, teeth are not like hair. We tend to lose our hair as we get older. Not so with teeth. In fact, we have dozens of patients in their 80’s with all of their own teeth.


Orthodontic appliances

Sometimes wearing a simple orthodontic appliance in pre-adolescence can prevent the need for Orthodontic care altogether. Bring your child for a complimentary consultation and Dr. Woo will let you know if this is appropriate for your child.



Straighten teeth without braces… need we say more? We are Premiere Providers of Invisalign. Invisalign® is a series of virtually invisible aligners that are used to straighten your teeth over time. The aligners are manufactured from high tech 3D computer imaging to fit your mouth with absolute precision. Invisalign® has been clinically proven to be effective in a variety of cases.


How Does Invisalign Work?

At your initial consultation, our Dr. Woo will determine whether your case is suitable for Invisalign® and provide you with realistic expectation of what this appliance can offer you. If you are a suitable candidate, then molds of your teeth are taken, sent to invisalign, which are then converted to a 3D digital model of your teeth for simulated treatment planning. Individual precise tooth movements are planned and prescribed to your case and submitted for the construction stage. A series of virtually invisible clear aligners are then laser cut, constructed and delivered by Dr. Woo.


Mini braces

Mini-metal Braces with colors are a great option for making orthodontics fun.

Of course, the less visible Clear Braces and Invisalign are also available.

Braces are still the most common form of orthodontic treatment. They provide a great amount of flexibility in tooth movement and provide excellent results.


Dr. Woo aims to make your child’s orthodontic treatment comfortable and fun. Our mini-metal braces are far from standard. Each individual metal brace we use comes in its own single use sealed package to ensure that it is contamination and tamper free. These braces are low profile, and smooth making them very comfortable.


Clear braces

Clear or tooth-colored braces are a good choice for patients desiring a less visible option. These braces are made from a special ceramic material that mimics the color of a tooth.

Treatment options

Patient Information Form
  • To help a child

  • To eliminate dental pain

  • To restore dental function

  • For preventive care

We provide charitable dental services to verifiable low-income families by partnering with local community aid organizations. Please contact Joe Rosa, if you or your community group would like to donate services to the needy or if you would like an appointment to our free dental days.

  • We’ll tell you how to keep your teeth for the rest of your life

  • We’ll recommend what we'd do on ourselves or our families

  • We’ll have experienced specialists perform any necessary procedures in one location

  • We’ll make sure you're comfortable throughout and after procedures

Prevention is the key. Teeth is life:

  • People with 6 or more missing teeth have a probability of living 15 years less than those with all their own teeth

  • Brushing your tongue nightly can increase your life expectancy by 6 or 7 years

  • Women should inform their dentists when they become pregnant as fetuses can be impacted by gum disease in the mother

Don't ignore the pain:

Act quickly when you need any dental treatment. Your smile and wallet will thank you.


Pain in the mouth, unlike the body where it is an early warning system, is a signal of an advanced problem. So don’t ignore any tingling, sensitivity, or pain in your teeth and gums. These are the early warning sensations that could save you hundreds even thousands of dollars if attended to at first sign.


The ADA recommends seeing a dentist every 6 months to catch problems before they show any symptoms. The idea is to catch with necessary x-rays and oral exams any problems that have not yet caused you pain. All dental problems, if caught early enough, can be prevented and early prevention can mean a healthier mouth and hundreds of dollars in savings.


For example, while a filling costs $100 - $300, it can be avoided by having regular cleanings, brushing, and flossing. However, if the need for a filling is not discovered early, the underlying cavity will get larger, and you will eventually need a crown, which can cost $300 - $800 more than a filling. And further, if a patient needs a crown but waits too long to have it done, then the tooth may require a Root Canal, which will cost another $700 - $1000.

  • Oral Hygiene prevents cavities and gum disease

  • Fillings help you avoid crowns

  • Crowns help you avoid root canals

  • Root canals help you avoid lost teeth

  • Replacing missing teeth help you avoid losing more or all teeth

  • Regular cleanings help you avoid deep cleanings

  • Deep cleanings help you avoid gum surgeries and bone replacement

  • Gum surgeries and bone replacement help you avoid the loss of your teeth

  • Single tooth replacement: When you need to replace a single tooth, you can choose a bridge or an implant. Bridge has a life expectancy of 5 years, impacts adjacent teeth, and can be difficult to clean. Implants have a life expectancy of 25 years, do not impact adjacent teeth, and can be cleaned like your own teeth.

  • Replacing loose fitting partials or dentures with implants

         Replacing removable dentures or partials with a fixed implant

         solution is healthier:

    1. Helps retain bone (and thus avoids the sunken face look)

    2. Allows for proper nutritional uptake and minimizes digestive stress

    3. More functional

         a. 140-180 psi versus 30-60 psi

         b. Doesn’t slide on a bed of moisture

         c. Avoids maintenance and embarrassment

             i. Prevents clicking sounds

             ii. Prevents sudden ejection

             iii. No need for sticky and uncomfortable glues

    4. Last longer: According to the ADA implants last over 25 years. Partial or  

        dentures typically last only 5 years.

  • Full mouth reconstruction: No matter how simple or extensive your treatment, your mouth will be restored to what it was when you were in your 20's or 30's. With over 24 years of experience, Dr. Heering completes dozens of Smile Makeovers each month. Only 1-2% of dentists have the experience and training to properly handle these cases. The challenge of a full mouth reconstruction is that the dentist must manage all 3 dimensions to ensure a proper bite orientation and lasting results. Dr. Heering will take a 3D scan to ensure a successful result and will clearly explain what you can expect.

  • Smile facelift: Our experienced cosmetic dentist can naturally rejuvenate your facial appearance through dentistry, eliminating the need for invasive surgery. With age, our faces tend to become shorter, lips can come to appear sunken and cheeks sallow and wrinkled as a result of our teeth, alignment, and gums wearing down over time. Unfortunately, these effects can make us appear older than we actually are or feel. By evaluating your current state of oral health and your facial aesthetics, Dr. Gajera may recommend varying dental cosmetic procedures to restore a collapsed bite, sunken upper lip or otherwise produce a youthful, dazzling smile. Procedures may include dental contouring, occlusion repair, reshaping and brightening or any combination of treatments that result in a complete smile makeover that restores years to the bottom third of the face. By increasing both the length and volume of your teeth and gums, dental procedures can help to:

  • Naturally stretch wrinkled skin by restoring the height of your facial structure

  • Provide extra support for sunken, wrinkled lips

  • Reestablish jaw and cheek bone contours and appearance

Invisalign and orthodontics

Investing in a straight smile can save you thousands over a lifetime.


Adult Treatment:

More than half of our patients are adults. Orthodontic treatment for adults has never been more accessible with aesthetic options such as Invisalign. Mini Braces, and Clear Braces. The increasing trend in adult orthodontics has proven that orthodontic treatment makes an excellent investment. More and more adults are recognizing the benefits of correcting occlusion and providing a stable foundation for general and cosmetic dental treatments.


We have tailored a number of treatment options specifically designed to meet the needs of adult patients. Modern orthodontic braces have never been less visible. The latest technological advancements allow for rapid tooth alignment in periods as quick as six months.


Youth Treatment:

Our young patients love coming in to our periodic appointments. And their parents feel good that they are receiving the care they deserve. Our Board-Certified Orthodontist has extensive experience providing care to youth that is designed to prevent dental problems in the future.


A wide array of the latest orthodontic treatment options is available. We also understand that parents want to be involved with their child's orthodontic care. Our clinical treatment area provides comfortable lounge seating for parents and families, as well as in room seating and our Orthodontist will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your child's treatment. We are committed to excellence in service and communication.

Call or stop in today to schedule an appointment. All services come with a 5-year guarantee.

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