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Help us take you through a process of prevention and renewal that will help you maintain, and if necessary, restore that beautiful smile of yours.  We’ll take the time to explain how you can keep all your teeth pain-free and healthy for life. When you visit our office, you will immediately sense the difference that helps our experienced team offer the quality care that heals and strengthens.

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Visit us today: 718-343-5749. Whether you need a cleaning or extensive preventive care, your visit will get you healthily on your way. We promise you’ll leave with a happy smile. ”

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Welcome to Queens Dental Professionals. Our dental and orthodontic clinic offers a full range of services to restore the natural function and appearance of your teeth. We offer implant dentistry, orthodontic, and full mouth reconstruction treatments for our patients in Queens, NY and throughout Suffolk County, NY.


Dental Implant Services


Dental implants offer many benefits, compared to loose fitting partial and full dentures. Implants last about five times longer allow more natural function for speaking and eating and improve overall dental health. Teeth implants are versatile and can be used for single tooth replacement and replacing removable dentures and bridges.


Full Mouth Reconstruction and Smile Facelifts


From simple to extensive restorations, we offer treatments and procedures to restore your smile and proper function of your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist can take decades off your face and rejuvenate your appearance without plastic surgery. Poor dental health and alignment can result in wrinkling and a sunken appearance to the face, but a combination of cosmetic procedures can leave you looking years younger.


Orthodontics and Invisalign Braces


Stop hiding your smile! Orthodontic procedures & treatment are available to improve alignment and give you the healthy and beautiful smile you have dreamed about. Invisalign treatment & aligners correct problems without the need for traditional braces. Invisalign orthodontics use clear aligners that are virtually undetectable and won’t interfere with eating the foods you love.


If you are interested in replacing partial dentures or searching for orthodontic specialists, please browse our website to read more about the dental services available for our patients in Queens, NY or surrounding areas of Suffolk County, NY.